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Reliable U-Haul rentals

Searching for a reliable service provider to move your things to a storage facility? You have come to the right place. Alpine Self-Storage is an authorized U-Haul rental company that provides trucks, vans, trailers, and hitches in all sizes. Tell us about your requirements now.

  • Local or one-way rentals

  • A large selection of truck sizes

  • Trailers

  • Hitches

  • Car dollies / auto transport

Comprehensive rental services

We provide everything you need from moving supplies to transportation rentals, including a local or a one-way truck. Our services are very affordable!


Additionally, you can get a wide variety of moving supplies like boxes, wrapping materials, and tape from us to make your moving easier. Contact us today.

Affordable moving services

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U-Haul truck today:


Alpine Self-Storage of Incline Village, NV provides 24-hour U-Haul drop-off services.

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